Tuition and Fees

Tuition for the school year 2016-2017

– 3 half days $3,000; 3 full days $4,000
– 5 half days $4,000; 5 full days $4,500

Kindergarten-Grade 8
– 1 child $5,100
– 2 children $7,600
– 3 or more $9,900

– Non-Catholic families pay an additional $500 per family.

Installment Schedule 2016-2017
Payment 1: Due 05/16/16, late fee starts 05/23/16
Payment 2: Due 06/13/16, late fee starts 06/20/16
Payment 3: Due 09/01/16, late fee starts 09/08/16
Payment 4: Due 10/01/16, late fee starts 10/09/16
Payment 5: Due 11/01/16, late fee starts 11/09/16
Payment 6: Due 12/01/16, late fee starts 12/07/16
Payment 7: Due 01/01/17, late fee starts 01/08/17
Payment 8: Due 02/01/17, late fee starts 02/09/17
Payment 9: Due 03/01/17, late fee starts 03/09/17
Payment 10: Due 04/01/17, late fee starts 04/08/17

Other Expenses

Since tuition does not cover the cost of educating children in Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Academy, we ask the parents to choose either Option A or B below. This is per family.

Option A
Participate in the five fundraising events
– Candy Drive
– Ladies Night Out
– Christmas Boutique
– Our Lucky Game
– Walk-A-Thon

Option B
Pay an additional $550 by January 31

Registration Fee
– $125 per student (non-refundable)

Supplies, Books, Computer
The following bills will be sent home in one combined bill due the end of November:

– Supply Bills: Vary according to the needs of the grade level. A “Little Red Schoolhouse” is located in the building where the children may obtain their supplies at 8:10 A.M. each morning.

– Book Bills: Books that cannot be purchased through New York State must be paid for by the parents. These bills vary per grade level.

– Computer Fee: Grade Pre-K-8

Lunchroom Fee
This is used for the supervision of the students during lunchtime. The children bring their own lunch each day. Home School has 2 pizza days per month and the school provides 2 chicken days. Both are at an additional cost.

Any monies sent to the school are to be in an envelope clearly marked with the student’s name, grade and purpose. The school office cannot make change so please send exact amounts.